2016 – Now’s the time to make your move

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Well it was a big year in 2015 and no doubt this year will be no exception as we start the New Year with a bang.

How did your year end were you still motivated, learning, doing interesting projects and most of all having fun? Funny how a break can make us reflect on the past year and wonder what the year ahead holds for us.

If you feel you need to stretch your wings, be around new people, learn new techniques and work in a culture that aligns to your values then we should be having a chat (over coffee) to see what opportunities we can unearth for you.

There is nothing worse than soldiering on hoping it will get better or flat lining in your career you have to keep moving forward, learning, developing and be happy in what you do.

Contact me on 0412 625 764 for a confidential chat you have nothing to loose.