Our Internal Talent Management Program provides a solution for SME’s who don’t have full time HR facilities. We can adapt a program to suit your need, allowing senior management to keep their focus on driving the business forward.


  • Preparing position descriptions
  • Pre-screening
  • Conducting any reference/background checks


  • Highlight potential or problem areas – performance issues, culture, and leadership.
  • Implement retention strategy with agreement of senior management


  • Ensure career development / training plans are implemented on time
  • Track outcomes
  • Provide guidance and direction


  • Identify top tier or potential talent
  • Identify suitable pathways to developing leadership skills for those who want to ‘fast track’


  • Liaise with staff and management to ensure culture is representative of company philosophy

Exit Interviews

  • Proven that third party interviews can reap more benefit with no bias

Out Placement

  • Work one on one with employees to tailor a career plan that assists individuals to evaluate future possibilities open to them and give direction


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