Where to after 65-67?

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A question I am sure many heading in this direction will be pondering as I have. In today’s modern fast paced Corporate environment maybe the real question should be where to after 50? I’ve found most people I talk to at 50 don’t have a clear vision for their future for them it’s all about in the now.

The reality is we may have longer to live than any other generation before us. Some of you may ask should I keep working past 65/ 67 and for some SME’s owners this may be possible depending on their businesses but for most in the Corporate sector we have a use by date.

Unfortunately, this may be sooner than we think as restructures are occurring more frequently, downsizing continues in middle management, technology taking over some of our tasks and some employers not feeling the love for holding onto or hiring older employees.

One hope for some, is that they secure a retrenchment package or cash in on their long service leave to assist with the transition to their next phase of life. But what happens if that does not occur, if we were to suddenly find ourselves out of the workforce tomorrow we could feel a real sense of loss and belonging which could result in depression, anxiety or fear of the future for some of us.

I believe if you need to make time and plan as early as 50 so you can adapt to sudden changes in your circumstance more readily.

Ask yourself – What would I do with all this free time; How would I cope without having my work routine; What interests outside of work do I have currently; Will I need to find another job; How long will my finances last; Can I create an new income stream. These are just some questions that need answering.

So “What Does Your Future Look Like.” Remember life is not a dress rehearsal.

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