Women Re-Entering The Workforce

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Having been in research recruitment for a long time and seen many changes over the years there is still one hurdle that still exists in many companies, that is the acceptance to take on mums who want to work part time / contract.

I have heard all the excuses, yet still believe there is huge value to re-engage with the mums and provide the flexibility they need in the workforce.

As an industry we are losing valuable talent mainly seniors who just give up trying to re-enter due to the negative reactions or pressure to go into full time employment.

It is time to re-think and come up with solutions that can work for everyone its not that hard. Corporations seem more open and willing to adapt, where I see most resistance is with research agencies and the thought that the clients will arc up.

Nothing is further from the truth if you have 2 seniors servicing a couple of accounts working 3 day each and the client is aware up front there should be no issues as someone is always on hand during the week to attend to their needs.

The bonus is that seniors working part time /contract are more inclined to be self sufficient and disciplined to get the work done.

Thoughts Welcome?